I got my prefix Wales Tale’s 1995 and at the same year, first litter was born. And from that day I have been breeding pembroke welsh corgis. 2013 was the year that I got the Vuolasvirta price. That price is granted to breeder’s whom have gained success with they own bred dogs.

My first corgi was Angelhaken Tirlittan (FI CH Kilvewood October Mist – Annline’s Nice As Gold). And because of her, I totally lost my heart to pembrokes. Later, 1998, I got my third pembroke Lisa Anserina’s Keep My Dream. And all my present dogs are after her offsrpings. Lisa was a Dog. Lady of the house.

At the beginning of my breeding, I also teached obidience and agility to my dogs, but later on other thongs have fulfilled my time. But maybe someday…

At the moment I have variety ages dogs at home and some more living with good homes. Some of these are show champions, some just ”pets” , but they all have they own place in my heart. All of them have they own personality. At the autumn 2019 I took a bit different dog to live with corgis, volpino italiano. She is co-owned with Maini Niiles, the breeder of Lisa. It has been so funny to see how very different these breeds are and how fluently they get along.

Future plans are just continue the breeding in a small scale. I just love puppies and dogs and all of them has so big meaning in my life!